“Katherine Grace Fitness, Personal Trainer in Bristol, UK. Will change your Lifestyle through Confidence boosting 1 to 1 Personal Training with Clear Workout plans, Nutritional Advice and Constant Motivation”

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Welcome to Grace Fitness! Bristol's Leading Personal Trainer, Certified Level III & IV Personal Trainer offering  assertive, energetic and confidence boosting workouts, to improve your lifestyle and performance in life.
Using innovative training techniques such as HIIT, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and clear Nutritional plans to get results fast!

Personal Trainer Bristol

Katherine Grace Bristol, Leading female Personal Trainer Bristol, Based in Clifton, Dynamic Personal Trainer, Will improve your lifestyle with workout plans, nutritional advice, and constant motivation. An innovative female personal trainer bristol who works with the latest Fitness trends including HIIT, Tracy Anderson, TRX, PNF, and Yoga training to get get the best most thorough results fast. Training in a safe and respected personal trainer Gym at Berkeley Health Centre Bristol with all the latest equipment, located in a beautiful grade-II listed building, just off Clifton’s bustling Park Street in Bristol. Equipped with 5 private personal training rooms,AS a female personal trainer in bristol I love to be personal training clients who like to train to improve their general health and wellbeing through consistent exercise with personal training and correct nutrition, increasing a client overall health and wellbeing. This comes with consistent weekly female personal trainer bristol and clear workout plans for each client.

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